Tuesday 17 December 2013


'It has been a real pleasure to have worked with Emma. I’ve rarely met someone that, from the beginning of our working relationship, instilled in me a sense of belief and trust and reliability. Her professionalism is second to none. Not only that, but her easy going nature and bubbly personality ensured we quickly became firm friends…a friendship that has never clouded her judgment or professionalism. To know that you have someone of that caliber looking after and supporting you during an event has been invaluable. During our time working together I honestly couldn’t have asked for more.'

- David Melling Illustrator 

'Emma has a broad knowledge in her field and an enthusiasm for her work that stems from genuine personal interest, resulting in her consistently being one step ahead. A genuinely lovely person to be around and a core personality in a working team. A great mixture of 'major workforce' and 'personable approach.'

- Greenaway shortlisted author / illustrator Chris Mould 

'Emma a multi-functioning master - a princess of the planet Cleverclogs. She works so hard.'

- Ivan Bates Illustrator

I have found Emma the Book Sniffer to be a helpful and invaluable resource. She knows everyone, and is a wealth of information, advice and marketing opportunities. As someone who works from home, it has been difficult for me to break into Children’s Publishing. Emma has provided networking opportunities that have benefited me immensely. Through Emma I have met numerous key industry individuals that I could never have met on my own. More specifically I obtained a two book deal with a top publisher after Emma advertised my work on her site.
- Nicky O'Byrne Illustrator

Guy Parker-Rees, Illustrator of Giraffe's Can't Dance

Applause for Emma ...

I've been lucky enough to have known Emma since she worked at Orchard Books. She helped to make Giraffes Can't Dance the success it has become and worked at promoting lots of other books I had illustrated there. Often the most creative people are not the most organised. Not so with Emma, she was always one to crack the whip and GET THE JOB DONE! ...But in such a fun way it's never anything but a joy to work with her. Always at the cutting edge of social media, and with a keen ear to the ground, it's been no surprise to see the huge success of her Book Sniffer blog as it goes from strength to strength. Emma is going places (mark my words!), catch her while you can. 

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